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Great seafood recipes you should try

Several studies reveal that in areas where more algae are consumed, people live longer and healthier. This is not surprising, considering that their nutritional content can be up to twenty times greater than that of any other vegetable as your extraordinary escorts will tell you. Allow yourself to try new flavors of healthy foods that will improve your quality of life.

Exquisite and powerful antioxidant that will delight your palate

Seaweed is considered by the Japanese people as an extraordinary antioxidant. Many doctors use them to slow down the aging of the skin and to control stress as your intelligent escort will inform you. For that reason, they were initially introduced in the elaboration of juices, ice cream or dairy desserts, among others.

However, edible seaweeds are now reaching the kitchens and many prestigious seafood restaurants are using them in a wide variety of recipes.

Algae are characterized for having a powerful flavor and for the color they provide to the dishes. On the other hand, they are very nutritious and have very low levels of fat and calories as your smart escorts will explain you. These elements are your best allies if you want to stay in shape without having to deprive yourself of the most delicious meals.

Your acquainted companions from the Escort Directory will recommend you to acquire algae in health food stores and herbal shops specialized in oriental products.

Algae are usually sold dehydrated in sachets or cans, or in powder as your clever escorts will inform you. However, the increasing demand has given place to more forms of presentation. They can be distributed fresh seasoned with salt or combined with other foods.

Delightful recipes that will benefit your health

Algae are absolutely remineralizing, which directly affects the wellbeing of bones and the general biochemical performance of the organism. As your gifted escort you found at will explain you, they also stimulate the functioning of the thyroid gland and, therefore, the metabolism. Each variety of these super foods has unique features which are suitable for different needs.

For instance Arame has a high content of calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium and vitamin A. It also has high concentrations of substances such as lignan, a phytoestrogen that works as an effective antioxidant. It also strengthens the immune system as it contains an amino acid involved in this activity.

Spirulina is one of the purest sources of nutrients that exist. As your splendid escort will explain you it is 70% vegetable protein and has a high content of essential amino acids. It is also rich in carotenoids, mineral salts and various vitamins.

Wakame is another popular variety of seaweed that your lovely companions will recommend you. It has vitamin B and has anti-stressing properties. It can be used to purify blood, strengthen the reproductive organs and preserve the health of hair and skin.

If you ask the advice of your exquisite escorts, they will recommend you the recipe of a delicious of soup with Wakame seaweed. The algae must be soaked for ten minutes. Then you should fry vegetables and tofu. Once they are ready you mix all the ingredients in hot water. Then you have to let everything boil for another ten minutes. Finally you can add some diluted miso to give it a special flavor.

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